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Today home security is a concern in all areas of the country quiet suburbs and busy metropolitan areas alike. You can help secure your home by addressing a few key areas.

Front and back doors should be secured with double cylinder dead bolts. This will help prevent the door from being unlocked from the inside if glass in the door or window next to it is broken.

Note: Leave the key in the cylinder during the night time hours in case of emergency escape. Windows in doors as well as sidelights next to doors should have security window film applied to stop the smash and grab intruder. Security film is clear, can be installed by the homeowner and can be obtained at most building supply stores. The security film will retain the glass in the frame even though it has been broken a wonderful deterrent.

Lower main floor windows should have window security buttons installed so partially opened windows cannot be lifted out of their tracks. Security buttons can be installed at the top and bottom of windows to give double security. Basement windows should have security film applied and be double locked with security buttons. Do not pile belongings under windows. They can give a foothold for unwanted entry.

Porch lighting and garage security lighting with motion sensors act as good deterrents illuminating areas of possible entry.

Garden lighting should be attached to a timer shutting them off at a reasonable hour to darken areas of temptation.

Garage doors can be made more secure by adding an automatic garage door opener. Openers give access to only those who have the transmitter and allow entry and closing without having to leave the vehicle. Most models include lighting timed to allow you to walk from the vehicle to the house entry door before shutting off.

The outdoor light flasher is a great product in the retail market. The flasher is a switch that will enable you to make all your outdoor lights flash so your home is readily visible for security vehicles, taxis, police fire or ambulance services.

These are all economical ways to secure your home. You can go the extra steps and install security bars, security storm doors or an electronic security system that is monitored round the clock

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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December 3rd, 2023