- Solving those slippery front step tiles


We have ceramic tile on our front steps that get very slippery when wet. Is there something we can put on them to solve this problem?

Ceramic tile or concrete steps because of their surface porosity allow moisture to puddle and eventually develop an algae making the surface very slippery.

In order to alleviate this problem wash thoroughly using my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula. Rinse well with clear water. When dry apply a penetrating solvent based water sealer. This stops the water from being allowed to penetrate into the concrete causing algae spores to grow. Use a clear coat concrete paint available at building supply stores, mix walnut chips or silica sand into the paint and apply to the steps. This process requires constant stirring.

You may find it easier to apply one coat of clear coat -acrylic latex concrete/brick sealer to the concrete first and then apply the second coat and when still wet sprinkle the silica sand or walnut chips into the wet clear coat. Then apply a third coat over top.

Note: If concrete surface is very smooth an etching solution should be used before painting.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 13th, 2024